Father kills young son, takes own life

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DENVER -- Denver Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide involving a father and his young son.

Officers discovered the bodies late Tuesday afternoon at 139 S. Bryant St.

Police got a call just after 4 p.m. to do a welfare check on a possible suicidal man. That’s when they found the man and a young boy dead with gunshot wounds in a car in the garage.

“She was crying, saying that he’s her son, that’s her house,” says neighbor Jessica Martinez, about a woman crying to police.

“How could a dad kill his own son--especially knowing that’s his blood? It’s just a sad feeling,” says Martinez, a mother of a 19-month old daughter.

Police wouldn’t confirm the relationship--only why they got called to the home and what they found in a car in the garage.

“It’s a very tragic situation. We get called to do welfare check. We come here we find an adult and child, pronounced here at the scene,” says Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Neighbor Jaime Almanza says the father, 40-year-old Damion Morine, was very active in his five or six-year-old son Toby’s life.

“He loved the child very much. He brought him everywhere. He took him to school. He’d pick him up. Normal. Like a father loves a baby,” says Almanza.

Morine had divorced his wife about two years ago and moved into a home nearly across the street at 112 S. Bryant late last year.

“If he had a problem with his lady, that’s another thing. It’s not the child’s fault.  It makes me very sad because I never would have thought he’d do this to his child,” says Almanza.

Neighbors say they never heard the couple fight. But they always saw Morine taking care of his ex-wife’s lawn, watering it and mowing it.

Morine has a criminal record of DUI’s.