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Snowstorm ends, but beware of ice early Wednesday

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – Rain, snow, and ice. Douglas County has seen its fair share of precipitation since Monday. A warm up is forecast for the rest of the week, but before temperatures rise they’re expected to fall overnight.

Randall Teague is the Douglas County Director of Public Works Operations, and said road crews are expecting temperatures in the low 30’s, and up to two inches of snow Tuesday night. “That certainly could create some icy conditions.”

Douglas County snow plows will be on patrol Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, focusing their efforts on black ice, and icy overpasses.

As snow plows work to keep Douglas County roads safe, it’s also up to drivers to be more responsible. “One thing that always ticks me off is when people don’t use blinkers,” says Brandon Hopper of Cañon City. “I mean, it’s a simple thing. Use your blinkers so other people know what you’re doing.”

Despite common courtesies on the road, Douglas County officials say the vast majority of accidents are caused by people driving too fast in icy conditions, and drivers without adequate snow tires.