Easter yummy: hand-crafted chocolate Easter bunnies

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LONE TREE, Colo. -- At Easter time, he is the king of candy, the chocolate Easter bunny.

"We've probably made close to 3,000 rabbits, and as you can see today we are still producing," says chocolatier Rae Martinez of Maroon Bells Chocolate Factory in Lone Tree.

The tradition of the chocolate Easter bunny dates back to 19th century America, which borrowed it, and for the most part the Easter bunny himself, from Germany.  Today, over 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made every year.

But not all cocoa-critters are created equal. Some are solid. "You don't want to be devastated when you bite into a hollow rabbit and it crumbles in your hand," says Martinez.

At Maroon Bells Chocolate Factory in Lone Tree they're ripping out rabbits, one bunny at a time. "It's hand-made because we are a chocolate factory that is hand crafted in everything we do and your eyes and hands can do the quality check each step of the way."

From boutique bunnies to the mass produced wax-like ‘wabbits,’ they all end up with the same destiny, in some kid’s tummy. It's the circle of life.