California man says bear saved him from mountain lion attack

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BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. – It may be hard to believe, but a California man says he was rescued by a bear.

Bob Biggs was hiking along a river in Butte County, California when he saw a bear and a cub.

Biggs says he stopped and watched the pair for a bit. When he started walking away a mountain lion jumped on his back.

What’s more amazing is that Biggs says the mother bear came to his rescue and pulled the lion off his back, saving his life.

“I got hit from behind and knocked to my knees. This mountain lion grabs me from the left side of the rear and climbs up on my back and just starts shaking,” Biggs says. “As I’m coming around I see something coming from the left and it was the bear grabbing the throat of the mountain lion and it just shook it.”

Biggs and the animals walked away from the incident without any major injuries.

He says he’ll continue to explore the trails in that area despite the close call.