American hikers imprisioned in Iran visit Denver

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DENVER – Three U.S. hikers imprisoned in Iran after accidentally crossing the border back in 2009 were in Denver Saturday to speak at the Amnesty International meeting.

Iran released Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal just six months ago. Sarah Shourd was released in 2010.

The three were hiking near a waterfall in northern Iraq when they accidentally crossed into Iran and were taken into custody.

They were held in solitary confinement for long periods of time, blindfolded when they left their cell, and they told the group at the Denver City Center Marriott that they feared execution.

“We suddenly found ourselves in a hostile situation where we had no rights, no friends, we didn`t even speak the language,” said Shourd. “We were immediately treated like unwanted intruders.”

The trio is now tackling the issue of solitary confinement, calling it psychological torture and saying it should be stopped in the U.S. and overseas.