Evacuated residents worry about homes

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Out of their homes and into a world of uncertainty, Margaret Long didn’t expect to find herself at an evacuation shelter at Conifer High School.

“I’m concerned so we’re here to see what’s going on,” she says.

When the reverse 9-1-1 call came just around dinnertime, there was no time to gather beloved belongings.  Just time to get what they could and get to safety.

Erin Thatcher wasn’t at home when she heard about the fire, but knew it was serious.

“I was looking at maps and there’s not a lot between us and the fire. I’m concerned about that,” says Thatcher.

It’s hard enough being away from home and the fear of what lays ahead looms like the menacing cloud of smoke seen for miles away, but for now, they say they are happy to be safe and have their families accounted for.

“I’m going to be praying for everybody to have all of their possessions…but if not, everybody needs to be safe,” says evacuated resident Linda Morgan.