Angry residents try to rescue animals

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- For Leslie and Larry Lane the Lower North Fork fire has been a bit of a pain.

"This wasn't an act of Mother Nature, this was a fire set by Jefferson County," said Leslie Lane. "I was given the run-around when we left our home last night and then tried to get back to round up our horses."

At the roadblock set up at Pleasant Park and Olhemann Roads, Ms. Lane was very upset about what she felt was, "a run-around," when it came to getting up the road to her home.

"I've called every number they've given us, but no one will tell us how to get our five horses to safety," said Lane.

Larry said, "She was going to get her horses, no one was going to stop her."

After some time at the road block, several livestock rescue rigs with horse trailers attached rolled up, the deputy directing traffic at the intersection spoke to the drivers and talked them into taking Ms. Lane up the road.

In about an hour, they had rounded up their horses and headed to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds where the horses will join others who have also been led out of the mountains.

She ended up giving the deputy a hug who originally stopped her from going back for the horses.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Colorado Bureau of Investigation are looking into the origin of the fire. Reports say it was embers from a prescribed burn conducted last week by the Colorado State Forest Service.