Goodwill boutique “Deja Blue” makes high fashion affordable

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DENVER -- Ahh, the Cherry Creek North shopping experience: Max, Her Mes, St. John, just a few of the high end boutiques you will find here.

Now, there is one more featuring clothes from Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Bahama.  The only thing more shocking than the prices is who owns this new boutique.

"Goodwill," says Annette Dorsett, manager of the new Cherry Creek North shop, Deja Blue.  It's the first Goodwill boutique in Colorado.  "Our staff handpicked every item for this store and we're looking for things that are name brand, on trend, and of better quality."

How about a $400 purse by Marc Jacobs for $40? Or a men's Tommy Bahama shirt, still with the $110.00 price tag, for $29?

"We have a team of people that spend days at the warehouse just pulling through huge boxes and it is amazing the treasures that you find," says Dorsett.

You can find these items at just about any Goodwill store yourself; you just have to have patience, and comfortable shoes, to sift through the t-shirts and tutus.

Or, you can just grab a latte, and head to Deja Blue, and buy that $110 Tommy Bahama shirt for $30.