The Tim Tebow Era: What a short, strange trip it was

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DENVER — As we reflect on the end of the “Tebow Era” it strikes me that it might be the most bizarre chapter in team history.

If nothing else, Tim Tebow was the bridge between the now-infamous Josh McDaniels and the future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

It was Josh McDaniels who shook up the league, and the franchise, by trading up to take the enigma that most people thought Tebow was going to be in the NFL. That draft choice was one of the moves that had a lot of people questioning McDaniels…having the Raiders put 59 points on the board here in Denver was the final straw.

It was this year, with McDaniels in the rearview mirror, that Tebow-mania truly flourished.

Five games in, he was given the keys to the car – a car that was off the road with the hazard lights on – and suddenly things started to go right for the Broncos. His hustle, humility, determination (and a little magic) saw them reel off seven wins…and then the playoff triumph over Pittsburgh.

Many though saw the wins as fluke-ish, and said his 47-percent completion percentage would never be enough to beat good teams.

His personality, faith and squeaky-clean persona brought many non-football fans into the tent though. They loved Tebow, and the Broncos, simply for who he was and how he lived. It put the team in a tough spot – they were maybe the first team in NFL history with a QB whose popularity did not seem entirely connected to on-field results.

The Bronco brass never seemed to believe that Tebow could pull of a Super Bowl run.

Then came the strange sequence of events that put Peyton Manning in play, and then into that orange #18.

The Peyton Manning era in Denver is yet to be written, but it is certainly the period at the end of the Tim Tebow chapter of Broncos history.

While Tebow will be fondly remembered by most folks here for his short, strange trip through Colorado, it will be hard to succinctly describe just what happened while he was here…everyone will probably have a different version.

Somewhat ironically, doesn’t that seem a bit biblical?

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