From the toga guy to a world tour, Slacklining catching on

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BOUDLER, Colo. -- It's an ingeniously simple design: a flexible line strung between two anchor points.

The rest is up to you.

What started out as a boredom buster for rock climbers is now the nation's latest extreme sport.  It's called slack lining.

"It's a simple tool that you rig between two trees, made out of trampoline material, it basically becomes a two inch wide trampoline." says Emilio Torres with Gibbon Slacklines in Boulder.

Gibbon Slacklines owes a big thank-you-very-much to Madonna after they were invited by “The Material Girl” herself to be a part of her Super Bowl halftime show.  She was so impressed with the Gibbon-like man on the line not so high, that he's now part of her New World tour.

"It was a huge opportunity for us.  We were able to introduce slacklining to 114 million people during the Super Bowl," says Torres.

Gibbon Slacklines sold more slacklines one week after the Super Bowl than they did in the entire previous year.

The slacklines start at $75.00 per line, and go up from there.  Torres says anybody can do it, but advised to set the line low to the ground, like a foot or two.

Once you can cross the line, like a Gibbon, then the sky's the limit.

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