Firefighters rescue 5-year-old trapped in hole

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BOULDER, Colo. — Firefighters rescued a 5-year-old boy who became trapped in a hole while playing with some older boys Thursday evening.

It happened near 26th and Valmont.

The little boy went to the hospital after his rescue, but it did not appear he had any serious injuries.

“According to the child’s mother, several boys were jumping in and out of the hole when her son tried jumping and became trapped.,” says Boulder Fire spokeswoman Kim Kobel.

“The hole is approximately 3½ feet deep and 8-to-12 inches wide. Because of the way the child landed in the hole, fire rescuers could not pull him straight out. The boy’s ankles were crossed below and behind him, and his knees were buckled under him.”

“Boulder firefighters determined that the safest way to free the youngster was to use shovels to hand-dig down one side of the little boy, and then dig across to him when they got closer to the location of his feet,” Kobel says.

“Firefighters cut the bottom out of a 5-gallon bucket and placed it around the boy’s head to keep the dirt away from him while they were digging.”

The boy was cold and scared. A Fire Dept. lieutenant held the child’s hand during the rescue.

Firefighters filled in the holes so that they would not continue to be a safety hazard.

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