Fans left with obsolete Tebow merchandise

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DENVER -- Wednesday's trade of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has left some fans holding the bag, or in Frank Shiffer's case, multiple bags and boxes of Tebow-related merchandise.

Shiffer spent approximately $3,000 on wristbands and T-shirts with the initials W.W.T.T.D. (What Would Tim Tebow Do). Now, items he thought Broncos fans would snap up are collecting dust in his Aurora basement.

"They were two dollars but I'm pretty sure they're on sale right now," Shiffer said Wednesday afternoon, referring to 9,000 wristbands he has yet to sell. Shiffer said the idea for his business venture came during the height of Tebowmania this past season.

"I woke up in the middle of the night and went ding, ding, ding," he said. "I got an idea to make a lot of money and sell all this Tebow stuff." He said the wristbands and shirts sold "like hotcakes" outside Sports Authority Field during the last couple of games of the season. Now those sales have dried up.

"Maybe Peyton Manning's interested," the long-time Broncos fan said. "I hear he's got quite a bit of money."

June Manzanares, a rabid fan in Federal Heights, also invested in Tim Tebow. She bought Tebow gear for her family and a color print of the quarterback for herself, only to see him traded.

"I'm not happy and I know there's a lot of us that are not happy," Manzanares said. "We did not expect this. It was like three months later. My son hasn't even worn his jersey yet. It still has all the tags on it... This took us all by shock. Things cost money and in the economy now..."

Pastor Jim Phillips of Mountainview Community Christian Church in Highlands Ranch is less disappointed. He made news during the season by wearing a Tebow jersey during his sermons. Now that jersey may be destined for his closet.

"Having Peyton Manning available these days, that's a rare opportunity and I was pretty excited to see them pursue it knowing that it could cause some internal conflict within myself as well as within my staff," Phillips said. He believes Tebow's Denver experience was a net plus for the city.

"I think Tim's done a great job elevating Jesus Christ, elevating football, the Broncos," he said. Phillips suggested the Broncos should now buy him a Manning jersey.

"If they don't supply it, I'll have to buy it," he said laughing. "Boy that rhymes!"

- Hendrik Sybrandy

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