Colorado slips when it comes to the healthiest states

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DENVER -- It's out, the 6th annual Colorado Health report card.  So, how did we do?

The study, by the Colorado Health Foundation and the Colorado Health Institute, has broken down the study in five age categories, using 38 indicators such as obesity, insurance, eating habits to name just a few.

In Colorado, we scored three B's and two C's.  Not too bad, right? "If my child came home with B's and C's year after year after year, I'd kind of wonder," says president and CEO of the Colorado Health Foundation Ann Warover.

When you look at the study closer, issues arise. For example, under the category of healthy adults in Colorado, they scored a solid B.  But for healthy children in Colorado, a C-minus.  So, what gives? "We import a lot of healthy adults into Colorado.  Why?  Because of our terrific weather and lifestyle," says Warover.

The study suggests that native Coloradans aren't quite as healthy.  Colorado is ranked 23rd out of 50 for obese children.  "They will probably be obese adults.  Add to that the people that will become obese as they turn into adults, and we can see an ever increasing trend," says Warover.

The results of the study may be hard to swallow for some folks. "We've got to face the facts.  And the good news is we have the people in the state, we have the environment where we can change this." says Warover.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your waistline.  Take small steps, and small bites to better health.

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