Manning’s Peyback Foundation helps kids

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DENVER -- Everybody knows what Peyton Manning does on the field, but what about off the field? Fair to say, Manning believes in "Peyback."

He founded the Peyback Foundation to help disadvantaged kids in Louisiana, Tennessee and Indiana.

"The Peyback Foundation is geared toward, kind of helping out kids who don't have life easy. The mission statement of the foundation is to provide grants to programs to provide leadership and growth opportunities to children at risk." says Manning.

Also, there's the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at Saint Vincent in Indianapolis, where 16-year-old patient Shannon Lawler appreciates the attention to detail. "It's better than normal hospitals because you know if you stay at a normal hospital, they're all white walls and stuff.  He's incorporated color in the playrooms."

CEO of the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Vince Capone adds, "It's not just going in and saying hi.  Peyton is the type of individual that wants to know the child, what the diagnosis and prognosis is. He wants to know about the family."

The color of Manning's jersey may be changing, but the color of his character will stay the course.

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