2 CU students ticketed for beating pigeon to death

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BOULDER, Colo. — Two University of Colorado students were ticketed for beating a pigeon to death according to Boulder Police.

The Daily Camera reports witnesses called police Friday evening to say they saw two men beating pigeons with a broomstick on the balcony of an apartment  at Spanish Towers, 805 29th. St.

Police officers say the men, 21-year-old Matt Nabhan and 20-year-old David Hankin admitted killing a pigeon with a Broomstick.

The men say they had a pigeon infestation, and thought it was like killing a rat. The Daily Camera reports Police informed them there were other options then beating the bird in public view.

Boulder is a bird sanctuary which means hurting or capturing a bird, even a pigeon, is prohibited unless the person obtains a permit to deal with a health or safety hazard.