Pinpoint Weather Alert Day: Storm system brings rain, snow and chilly temperatures to Colorado

Strong winds rip through metro Denver

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DENVER -- The winds weren't just a problem on the eastern plains Sunday. They also caused problems in metro Denver by downing trees and blowing around anything that wasn't tied down.

The howling wind forced many to bundle up, but it was a different story in the southern metro area where the strong winds literally tore up a construction site on the Union bridge in the Denver Tech Center. Construction tarps became sails and headed toward I-25.

Several drivers saw what was about to happen and stopped on the bridge.

“So I came to try and grab it myself and I pulled it and when I did it almost pulled me over and I was stuck between the tarp and the highway,” said Ebonye Redwine.

“When I got here there was a lady pressed up against this fence back here trying to hold down one of these tarps. The wind was blowing fiercely and she was literally keeping it from blowing on northbound I-25,” said Chris Johnson.

Johnson says he jumped out of the car to help a woman stop the tarps from blowing onto the highway.

Their efforts were successful, but one tarp did land next to the highway.

Both drivers alerted police, who eventually arrived several minutes after they had finished locking down the tarps.

This blustery mess ended well with no one hurt, but it could have potentially been much worse if it wasn't for the quick thinking of these drivers.

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