Police: ‘Crapper scrapper’ stole toilet parts from 18 businesses

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- It's being called the “crapper caper.” A thief targeted toilets across metro Denver.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says he stole toilet parts for money.

"We started calling him the ‘crapper scrapper,’" says Jeffco Sheriff's investigator Jamie Greaser.

His real name is Donald Citron, 47.

But his nickname comes from what he's accused of doing to at least 18 metro businesses over two months, starting at a Littleton office building at 9200 W. Cross January 5, and ending at Southwest Plaza February 29.

Investigators say, in between, he also hit a Taco Bell, Craig Hospital, four buildings at DU, Bowles Crossing Theater and a King Soopers.

Citron was arrested March 6.

"He walks into the building, very casual, walks right to the bathroom, always carries a bag with him. That's how he's easily able to get back out of the building without being detected," says Greaser.

She says he shuts off the water, then steals the metal plumbing from toilets and urinals, selling them for scrap.

The money he got was little--perhaps $30 to $40 at a time--compared to the cost to his victims.

Damage is estimated at $6,400.

"It has affected businesses where they've had to close their restroom for days at a time to get parts and get what they need in. It's been a big impact to these people," says Greaser.

We went to Citron's Denver home.

He didn't answer.

But people say they have to answer when nature calls.

"It'd be inconvenient," says one Taco Bell customer who didn't want to give his name.
He just says he's glad he wasn't at the restaurant when Citron allegedly pilfered its potty parts.

For businesses, it's no doubt flushing their money down the drain.

People say it stinks.

"Going to the bathroom. You can't flush. That's so bad. It's bad enough he's stealing the toilet paper too," chuckles an unidentified woman.

"I wouldn't be too happy. Because I got to use the bathroom," says another man.

Police say Citron got caught when an employee--we're not identifying because Citron is not in custody--saw him leave a restroom with toilet parts sticking out of his bag. He followed him and got his license plate number.

Investigators say citron is a plumber, but is unemployed.

And police suspect many more victims because he scrapped more metal than victims reported.

He's facing 18 counts each of second-degree burglary, theft and criminal mischief.

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