Denver Zoo elephants move into spectacular new home

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DENVER -- The pachyderms at the Denver Zoo are getting new digs. Really nice, new digs.

"This is a $50 million project," says Tiffany Barnhart with the zoo.

The 10-acre, state of the art facility, dubbed the Toyota Elephant Passage, is slated to be one of the biggest and best elephant facilities in the nation. "There are six different yards. It really keeps our animals engaged. But it's also for visitors. It offers close up views of all our animals," says Barnhart.

And what multi-million dollar home would be complete without a pool? "Each yard has its own pool, except for one, but they are also heated pools, so, if you will, they're hot tubs for elephants," she says.

Not very many zoos allow you to get very close to the Loxodonta Africana.  Not so with the new facility at the Denver Zoo. "You really can get quite close. It's still a safe distance but what I think is really unique are the visual barriers are minimal, so you get a great look at the animal but of course we're going keep you safe as well."

There is also a one-of-a-kind elephant bridge to offer visitors a unique angle to view the great beasts.  Just walk quickly under the elephant bridge.

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