‘Clever’ robbers outsmarted by robbery victim

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DENVER -- Some burglars probably thought they were pretty clever when they spread dog food all over the floor of a Denver home they were ransacking and robbing. It distracted the two dogs inside.

But the homeowner outsmarted them when she used the tracking device installed on her stolen computer to track it to a Boulder apartment.

She called police and was able to show them the actual satellite image of the apartment building.

When Denver Police District Two detectives knocked on the apartment door, they found several young men inside, along with numerous TVs. The Denver homeowner was able to identify her TV and get it back.

She says, “I felt like Sherlock Holmes.”

They did not find some of her other stolen items, but she says it was empowering to outwit the burglars and look them in the eye as she identified her TV.

Detectives say electronic tracking devices help them solve  burglaries every day.

They encourage people to make sure their items are equipped with tracking devices when possible and that they activate the systems.

Police say they have not made any arrests yet because they are still sorting out who in the apartment might be responsible for the crimes.

They recovered other stolen items and have been able to return a lot of it to the owners.

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