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‘Aggressive parents’ force organizers to cancel egg hunt

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Kids this year will not partake in the annual Easter egg hunt in Old Colorado City because pushy parents have forced organizers to cancel the event.

“It’s sort of got out of hand,” Dave Van Ness, executive director for the Old Colorado City Associates, told FOX21 News in Colorado Springs.

Organizers said parents were becoming too aggressive when it came time to gather eggs with their children.

“There were disgruntled people because there either weren’t enough eggs to go around or some kids didn’t get one,” Van Ness said. ”

The free event was held at Bancroft Park every year and attracted hundreds of families. Thousands of candy-filled plastic eggs were scattered across the park for kids to collect.

Van Ness said it is unfortunate that parents have seemingly taken the joy out of what was meant to be a fun-filled community event, but that they had no other choice.

“Rather than create ill will, let’s just not do it,” he said.

Chris Greene, a father of six, said he is disappointed by the parents’ actions.

“What kind of role model are you as a parent if your actions are cancelling an event your child is going to remember for the rest of your life?” Greene said.

Van Ness said he is not sure if the Easter egg hunt will be back on next year.

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