Yves Saint Laurent’s creativity showcased in Denver exhibit

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Yves Saint Laurent exhibit to open at Denver Art Museum

Yves Saint Laurent exhibit to open at Denver Art Museum


DENVER — You always hear celebrities drop his name on the red carpet and now Denver will be the only place in America to see the work of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent up close and in person.

The Denver Art Museum is about to unveil its newest exhibit featuring 200 of the designer’s most iconic looks.

“Yves Saint Laurent is probably one of the most iconic fashion designers of the 20th and into the 21st century,” said Jill Desmond, associate director of exhibitions at the museum.

Leaders at the Denver Art Museum saw the exhibit for the first time in Paris nearly two years ago, and managed to bring it to Denver as its only US stop.

“This is a 40 year retrospective of the artist’s work, the designer’s work, and it’s wonderful,” Desmond said. “It starts out with the last years when he worked in the house of Christian Dior, right up to the last fashion show which was in 2002.”

Anyone who thinks fashion isn’t art just has to take one look at the intricate bead work and ornate embroidery to change their mind.

“He was really a master of color, and the colors that he put together and how he experimented with them in very bold ways – the results are just amazing,” Desmond said.

After carefully unpacking all of the items, the next step is to dress the mannequins that will display the designs.

“Everything arrived about 10 days ago and we’ve spent the last week unpacking everything, all 1100 objects,” Desmond said.

She’s quick to note, this exhibit isn’t just for fashionistas.

“Even if you do not know Yves Saint Laurent or know a lot about fashion, it will still be very interesting and appealing,” Desmond said.

It’s a front row seat at fashion week you’ll only get in the Mile High City.

“You see them in magazines and in books, but to really see them in person you really get what it is that makes an outfit perfect,” Desmond said.

The Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum opens March 25 and runs through July 8.