Former sheriff’s meth dealer sentenced to 3 years prison

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. -- The man who allegedly supplied former sheriff Pat Sullivan with methamphetamine, was sentenced to three years in prison Monday.

While it might've been Timothy Faase's first offense, the judge said he deserved jail time. Some say that does not bode well for Sullivan, who's trying to work out a plea deal.

Because Faase did not have a prior criminal record at the age of 50, he was a candidate for probation in this case.

But the Denver judge says that would ignore the seriousness of the crime.

A tearful Timothy Faase apologized in court for selling drugs and asked for leniency since it was his first criminal offense.

He said was has since realized he was enabling drug users when he thought he was helping them. He said he wanted to continue his volunteer work to give back to the community.

But Denver District Court Judge Shelley Gilman said because drugs and money were found in his apartment probation would send the wrong message for his crimes.

She gave him three years in prison.

“It seems to me that if this fellow gets three years in prison that sheriff Sullivan's looking at significant time in prison," said Dan Recht, a criminal defense attorney with Recht Kornfeld in Denver.

Police say Faase supplied former sheriff Pat Sullivan with methamphetamine, which Sullivan allegedly used in exchange for sex with a string of troubled gay men.

Sullivan faces charges of distribution of a controlled substance, possession of meth, prostitution and attempting to influence a public official.

In fact some of the neighbors where Faase lived say Sullivan was a regular there and it was police surveillance following Sullivan to his apartment which led to Faase's arrest.

"He had people coming in and out of there yeah I've seen that but I never questioned what he was doing," said Faase’s neighbor Victor Trujillo.

Another neighbor and friend of Faase, who did not want to be identified told FOX31 Denver he was surprised by the sentence.

"I didn't know that,” he said through his doorway. "What do you think?" we asked. "Well I'd rather not speak on it right now," he said.

Defense attorney Dan Recht says because Sullivan was a longtime law man who knew right from wrong, he'll get less sympathy from the criminal justice system..

"I think he is subject to being sentenced to prison in a harsher way than the average person,” Recht said. “Not a more lenient way."

Attorneys for Sullivan, who remains free on bond, are reportedly close to a plea deal but no one in the case would comment.

Faase declined our request for an interview.

He'll be transferred to the State Department of Corrections in the next few days.

Pat Sullivan is due back in court for arraignment in Arapahoe County on April third, when he is scheduled to enter a plea.

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