Frontier on the hunt for the next ‘spokesanimal’

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DENVER -- The highly successful and highly marketable cast of animals on the tails of Frontier Airlines jets is looking for a new member.  And Frontier wants you to decide.

There are 18 from which to choose, from Doris the Chicken to Mario the Lizard. Frontier Airlines is all about the animals, so what is the appeal?

"I think humans do relate very well with animals. I think that when we see them, we look in their eyes.  We have a real connection with them," suggests Tiffany Barnhart with the Denver Zoo.

How about Joanne the Giraffe? "I'd say no.  I'd go for a zebra or an elephant," says a Denver Zoo patron.

Ok, how about Ralph the Ram? "Absolutely.  It's Colorado's animal," says another zoo goer.

One lady is voting for Duke the Arctic Dog. Perhaps because most ladies like fur? "Well, fake fur.  His is real, I wouldn't like his fur, on me," she says laughing.

Our vote is for Jessica Rabbit, except she's really a rabbit in name only.

Voters have 18 potential candidates which include:

· Doris the Chicken · Vladimir the Bat · Tina the Grebe
· Doug the Dung Beetle · Enrique the Tree Frog · Polly the Parrot
· Paula the Pig · Ralph the Ram · Alivina the Owl
· Samson the Sloth · Melvin the Turtle · Chloe the Chipmunk
· Cammie the Cow · Joanne the Giraffe · Fred the Walrus
· Duke the Arctic Dog · Will & Hill the Prairie Dogs · Mario the Lizard

“There is some real talent in this group and we expect our fans will have a difficult time picking their favorite,” said Krause.

Voting begins Monday and the vote for the final three will take place April 9-15.  The winning animal will be announced at the end of April.

Animal ‘audition reels’ can be found at

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