Fans: Broncos’ Country big enough for Manning and Tebow

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Hendrik Sybrandy | FOX31 Denver

DENVER -- If Peyton Manning chooses Sports Authority Field at Mile High as his new home turf it will directly impact the player who made such a big impression on the city this past season--Tim Tebow.

Many fans say they see Manning as the quarterback who can return the Broncos to the team's glory days sooner rather than later, but there are other fans who do not want to see Tim Tebow anywhere other than the Mile High City.

It may not be a dilemma at all for Broncos executives, who have probably worked out what they want to do with Tebow should Manning join the team.

But the fans FOX31 Denver spoke with Sunday know who they want--They want Manning AND Tebow.

The question is, are two high-profile quarterbacks one too many?

Fan Larry Moore says the two stars can coexist in Broncos' Country.

"It's like asking if you can coexist with your teacher at school," Moore said. "If you want to, yeah, you can."

Paul Houchin agrees.

“I think it would be the best of both worlds, really," Houchin said. "I think it’d be great to learn behind Peyton for a year or two. It can only help (Tebow)."

“I don’t really see why they would keep both," said self-described Tebow fan Katie Sakys.

Sakys believes the desire to play may be too overwhelming for Tebow to be relegated to the sidelines.

"They’re both really good and I think maybe one of them would want to play and the other one would not get to play, so that might cause some rivalry,” she added.

There is sympathy for Tebow.

Mountainview Community Christian Church Pastor Jim Phillips, who delivered a December sermon while wearing a Tebow jersey, has his fingers crossed for Tebow.

“If he (Tebow) knew he’s going back on the bench, or backed up for a year or two, he might be able to do that," Phillips said. "I hope they can find a way to have ‘em both.”

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