Hawaiian vacation nightmare earns Colorado couple official apology

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Despite its image of being an island paradise, one Colorado couple is thankful to be home after a storm kicked them out of a Hawaiian airport and forced them to sleep on the floor.

“We thought this isn’t real, we were in shock,” said Georgia and Mike Young during an interview on Saturday.

The couple was visiting Hawaii for the first time this week to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Ironically, their plans for an escape to a warm beach would end up with them stuck in a massive flood.

For days Hawaii has seen fierce flooding and damage as a result of heavy rain. That, mixed in with miscommunication, stranded the couple and others at the Kauai airport for hours.

“We’re trusting them for what we do from here on out and they say you're on your own, they handed us a phone book" added Mike Young.

The couple was asked to leave the airport after all flights were cancelled. Problem was, they had no place to go. That didn’t stop security, according to the couple, from forcing them to remain outside in the rain with other stranded passengers.

“This is not a problem with people, this is a problem with procedures." added the couple.

A firefighter, who happened to be driving outside the airport, saw the stranded passengers and offered free rides to a nearby Red Cross shelter. The couple was left to stay on the floor as the shelter was packed with local residents.

Late this week, Hawaii’s Lieutenant Governor called the couple to apologize for the incident. The security guard who forced the couple out has also been reassigned according to Hawaiian media.