Mom with memory loss pleads not guilty to child abuse

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- The Adams County mom who is accused of abandoning her children at a gas station in January will fight child abuse charges.

Sarah Hatfield, 25, pleaded not guilty to two counts of child abuse in Adams County court Thursday.  A motions hearing in the case is scheduled for April 20th and the trial date is set for June 14th.

Hatfield tells FOX31 Denver that she is still seeking answers as to why she can’t remember leaving her 4 and 2 1/2-year-olds near Thornton Parkway and Huron Street and says, “I did not set out or intend to harm my kids.”

After wandering away from the gas station, Hatfield turned up eleven hours later at National Jewish Hospital E. Colfax Ave. and Colorado Blvd. in Denver, 12 miles away.

To this day, she has no idea of what had happened during that time and says, “It’s really hard, it hurts.”

After conducting extensive tests, doctors explained her memory lapse as a rare form of amnesia.

Dr. Nathan Watkins of Lutheran Hospital told FOX31, “It’s an odd condition where patients can function normally, they can actually drive cars, do complex tasks such as clean their house or go to the grocery store, but the odd thing is that they are unable to remember short term information.”

Her husband, Matt Hatfield, has stood by his wife from the beginning and tells FOX31, “None of this made any sense. It's not my wife. She doesn't just go and abandon the children. She's a caring loving mother.“

Matt Hatfield also says that another incident is adding to the couple’s confusion.

He says Sarah apparently pawned $125 dollars worth of family jewelry two weeks before leaving the kids at the gas station, but doesn’t remember doing that, either.

Sarah Hatfield says she is receiving professional medical treatment and is making sure family members are supervising her kids at all times. “We're doing everything and  anything to be sure it doesn't happen again,” she says.

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