Man cuts through restaurant patio wall to skip out on $33 tab

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BOULDER, Colo. – Police arrested a man Saturday night after he allegedly tried to skip out on his bar tab at restaurant in downtown Boulder.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, police were called to Centro Restaurant on Pearl Street on a report of a possible robbery in progress.

When authorities arrived they found restaurant employees restraining a man who had attempted to flee without paying his $33 tab for drinks.

Employees told police that 42-year-old Robert Webber Engles ran out to the patio after he was told to pay his bill and tried to use a folding knife to cut through the plastic ‘wall’ covering.

Engles broke through the plastic, but was trapped by the metal fence that surrounded the patio. Witnesses say Engles then approached an employee with a knife when he could not find a way out.

Another employee was able to restrain him until police arrived.

Engles faces charges including felony menacing, defrauding an innkeeper and criminal mischief.

Damage to the restaurant’s patio is estimated at $600.