Oreo turns 100 years old

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DENVER -- You loved them as a kid. You probably still love them now.

That little round chocolate cookie with the white cream middle. The Oreo cookie is having a very special birthday.

The Oreo cookie, (the origin of the name itself has been hotly debated for years, with no clear answer), was born on March 6, 1912.

"It does help to be first. It's 100 years old, so obviously it was one of the first cookies to be mass produced," says professor of marketing at Metro State College of Denver Darrin Duber-Smith.

So how much does nostalgia play in the Oreo's perennial appeal? "A lot. The idea that there's the kid inside of us that wants to get out, all the way through our lives, is certainly something that Oreo capitalizes on," says Duber-Smith.

Who knows if the next 100 years will be just as kind to the king of cookies, but for now, there's only one thing that can make the Oreo better. "Milk," says Duber-Smith.

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