Arizona sheriff calls Obama’s birth certificate “suspect”

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Joe Arpaio

PHOENIX — (CNN) The authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate is being publicly questioned again.

This time, the doubts come from an Arizona sheriff.

At a news conference Thursday, Joe Arpaio called the certificate “suspect.”

He gave a presentation that highlighted the flaws in the document.

Arpaio says a team of investigators found that the long-form birth certificate was created electronically and never existed in paper form.

“I asked them to conduct the investigation with no preconceived ideas. Call it like it is. The critics will say that this investigation is politics, but let me clear that up on one point. I felt that this investigation could clear the President Obama’s name and put people’s mind at ease. It would be beneficial to the country as a whole and to the citizens of Maricopa County, Arizona who came to me, saying they felt their concerns were being ignored,” Arpaio said.

The White House released the president’s birth certificate last year.

Officials in Hawaii, where Obama was born, have verified its authenticity.

Arpaio says his investigators into this matter were volunteers, so no taxpayer money was used.

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