Decision to require rear view cameras for new cars delayed

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DENVER -- The federal government has postponed its decision about a new vehicle safety rule that would require automakers to put rear view cameras into all new vehicles starting in 2014.

Some automakers say that would be too expensive, but others say it would save lives.

Every week people are killed in back-over accidents.

That’s something Anthony Nunez knows all too well.

Back in 2007, he accidentally ran over his two-year-old son in his Denver driveway and killed him.

“I knew right away that my baby was gone,” Nunez said. “I was in an S-10 truck that was kind of high and he was only two, and I really couldn’t see him."

This father is not alone. Back in 2006 in Commerce City a family member backed over three-year-old Ashley Portillo as she was strapped in her stroller.

This is the kind of accident some are now trying to prevent.

“There are at least 100 people killed every year in back-out accidents,” said Clarence Ditlow, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety in Washington. “You don’t see them in the blind zone behind the vehicles."

A final rule on the issue is expected by the end of the year.

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