6 Ways to Save on cosmetics and beauty products

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DENVER -- Cosmetics and beauty products take center stage in our series 6 ways to Save at 6 a.m.

These tips will come in very handy, since Americans as individuals spend an average of $1,300 per year on cosmetics and beauty products. We spend $10 billion every year as a whole.

Here are Natalie Tysdal's six tips. You can learn details about them by watching the video clips.

  1. Always buy mascara at the drugstore instead of the department store
  2. "Like" your favorite products on Facebook for coupons and possible free samples
  3. Use half as much
  4. Buy dual purpose products
  5. Look for products that are "mineral-based" because they don't expire and you don't have to ever throw them away
  6. When purchasing cosmetics at the department store, make sure you always get products that come with bonus items
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