In Denver, DMV workers won’t take furlough days

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DMV office.

DENVER — Mayor Michael Hancock announced Monday that workers at the city’s Motor Vehicle offices will be exempt from taking four furlough days like other city employees.

It’s an effort to ensure that DMV offices remain open and accessible and, to the extent possible, to limit wait times and improve customer service.

“I am dedicated to making Denver better, faster and stronger,” Mayor Hancock said in a press release. “Keeping our DMV open during furlough days is not just about cutting down wait times. It’s about being more efficient, more effective and providing the highest level of service to our customers, the neighborhoods, residents and businesses of Denver.”

Hancock’s administration is reviewing all DMV operations as part of a Peak Performance initiative that is gathering data in an effort to make government agencies more efficient.

Denver’s four DMV offices, which employ a total of 46 people, process motor vehicle registrations, titles, temporary permits and license plates for City and County of Denver residents.