Friends remember man shot, killed by officer

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- Just before the fatal gunshot, video obtained exclusively by FOX31 Denver shows the lights of a sheriff's vehicle pulling over an SUV with Don Cambron in the back seat. His best friend, Tim Collins was sitting next to him.

"He made me believe in friendship again," said Collins. A whole family (was) destroyed because of a cop that was trigger happy."

A deputy shot his best friend minutes after the deputy pulled Collins from the vehicle because Collins was wanted on an outstanding out-of-state misdemeanor warrant.

"It was no sooner than I heard a gun, don`t move, gun shots," Collins said.

Adams County says a second deputy saw Cambron lunge for several pistols at this feet. Collins claims those were only pellet guns and that his friend clearly had his hands in the air.

"I could see his hands outside the vehicle from 8 or 9 feet back. There's no way that officer that shot couldn't see his hands either," he said.

Deputies shot Cambron. He died soon after.

"He wouldn't risk anything because he has three kids," said Jill Cambron, his common-law wife.

She spent the day consoling her children, trying to answer the same questions she has herself.

"I want to know what went down because I`m hearing he went reaching for a gun but if he had a gun already pulled on him he wouldn`t reach for a gun," she said.

The Adams County Sheriff's office did not respond to calls requesting comment.