6 Ways to Save on Groceries

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Natalie Tysdal has 6 Ways to Save at 6 a.m. Monday through Wednesday this week, and we start with some quick things to remember when going to the grocery store.

  1. Stay laser-focused, take your shopping list with you.
  2. Look up on the shelves. The best deals oftentimes are not at eye level.
  3. In the produce section, always compare oranges to oranges. The same products are packaged in different ways and at different prices.
  4. Always, always, always check the unit price. See how much the product costs per ounce, or whatever unit of measure. It's listed on the price tag.
  5. Shop alone, and do not shop while hungry.
  6. Stock up when you see good deals on personal care, cleaning and household items.

Watch the video clips for more details from Natalie.