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DENVER --  A game of dare on a not-entirely frozen Denver lake turned into a trip to the hospital Friday afternoon for two teenagers.

The boys, ages 14 and 15, had made it most of the way across Green Valley Ranch Lake when the ice gave way. Firefighters had to rescue the pair from the freezing cold water.

"We walk on the ice a lot, just for fun, like a cat and mouse game to see who can stay of the longest without getting scared," said Nick Long, a friend of the two victims. "And I guess they won."

It wasn't much of a victory. The boys had to cling to an ice shelf until the fire department arrived.

Firefighter Will Oliver, wearing a special suit, waded into the lake, hoping to get the pair to latch onto a backboard.

"One of the victims wasn't able to, he was shacking too badly," he said. "So you just kind of grab his arm, get him on as much as you can. The other victim was able to grab on and my crew was able to pull them all to the shore."

Neither victim was believed to be seriously hurt. Oliver said a few more minutes in the water, though, and hypothermia could have set in. He urged people to stay off ice which is not strong enough in Colorado to support humans.

"You want to do a little adventure, but the ice is no place to be," he said.

Long said he learned a valuable lesson.

"I’m not going anywhere near there anymore," he said. "It scared me because those are two of my best friends and I didn't think they were going to make it for a while. If you want to look like that and be frozen, then go ahead and do it, but don't walk on the ice, that's my advice."

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