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Dog that bit news anchor on face to return home Saturday

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DENVER — The dog that bit and severely injured a Denver news anchor will be allowed to go home Saturday, according to its owner.

Michael Robinson says Max will have completed the 10-day quarantine mandated after the bite incident that happened live on the air during an interview at the TV station.

The dog first gained attention when he fell through the ice on a reservoir in Lakewood. West Metro Fire and Rescue firefighters went into the icy water to rescue Max. SkyFOX captured the incident as it happened on camera.

The next day, Robinson, his dog, and the firefighter who went into the water made appearances on morning shows.

The dog bit KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer in the face at the end of the interview.

Dyer has gone through reconstructive surgery and is recovering from her injuries. She has about 70 stitches.

Robinson says his dog was up to date on his vaccinations, and he never had a history of aggressive behavior. There was some question that Max’s quarantine happened because it was a high-profile case.

Doug Kelley of the Denver Animal Shelter says Max was treated no differently than any other dog in a similar situation.

“The decision was made before we even knew it was high-profile. The decision was made after the bite occurred,” Kelley says.

There was a campaign to get the dog out of quarantine early.

His release Saturday will come after the normal 10-day period.

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