Top five tips for saving money

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DENVER -- If you're like most families, you are paying hundreds of dollars a month for basic services like phone, TV, Internet, and insurance.

But there are some ways to reduce those monthly bills without pulling the plug by simply making some phone calls.

Andrea Deckard is a coupon blogger who offers other mothers money saving tips at, but when FOX31 Denver caught up with her she had decided it was time to help herself.

Here are Andrea's Top Five Tips:

Tip #1 -- Cable or Satellite Television

"The entire bill we pay the cable company is $150," she says.

Andrea says your first call to save money should be to the cable or satellite company to find any cheaper packages they may offer. Decide which features you use and cut the rest.

Tip #2 -- Home Phone

Next, she recommends calling your landline phone company to discontinue services you really don't need. Perhaps call waiting should be on the chopping block.

Tip #3 -- Cellphone

After shaving the cost of your landline phone, Andrea says it's time to call your cellphone provider. If you're not using all your minutes or your tests, then consider changing your plan.

Tip #4 -- Insurance

Your next call is to your insurance agent. Make sure your home and cars are bundled for extra savings and consider increasing your deductible to lower your rates.

Tip #5 -- Credit Cards

Your credit card companies are next on the list. Tell them you may drop their card if they can't offer you a lower rate.

"I think if you call them and just say, 'hey, this is my situation ... tell me what plans are available and I'll tell you exactly what I need," Andrea says.

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