Sports Authority Field neighbors win lights battle

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DENVER -- Sports Authority Field at Mile High will not be fitted with big lights with company logos placed on the outside of the stadium.

The decision came after a three-hour long standing-room only meeting Wednesday in which people who live in neighborhoods around the stadium opposed Sports Authority's signs for the big lighted signs.

The company wanted five illuminated signs.

Neighbors didn't want all that light coming from the stadium at night.

"For the overwhelming number of citizens living in the city of Denver, it does nothing to make the experience of living in the city of Denver better, and it does a great deal to make it worse," says Thad Texa.

Instead of five "outward facing" signs, the city planning committee approved two "inward" facing signs as well as an illuminated roof-line ring that wraps around the top of the stadium whenever there is an event happening.

The city's zoning administrator must still approve the plan.

City Councilwoman Judy Montero is on record for opposing the signage, saying certain conditions were agreed upon when the stadium was opened in 2001.

Not everyone is against the stadium signs. For Jacob Villarreal, who moved to Denver from Dallas two months ago, a brighter stadium isn't a problem.

"In a way, there are times I wish this area was a little more lit up," he says.

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