Woman admits she lied to police about sexual assault

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BOULDER, Colo. — An 18-year-old woman who told Boulder Police that a stranger tried to sexually assault her last October has admitted to investigators that she lied about the attack.

Allyson Manley told police that she was walking alone in the area of Big Horn and Star Lane when a man driving a yellow car resembling a taxicab stopped his vehicle and tried to sexually assault her around 2:30 a.m. She said the man left the area in his car.

Police searched the area for the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle while Manley was taken to the hospital.

Police say Manley’s initial statements about the attack conflicted with the information they gathered during their investigation of the alleged assault.

Manley then admitted to investigators that she made up the story and was issued a citation for false reporting on Tuesday, Feb. 14.