4 cell phones seized; still no charges in high school sexting case

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PARKER, Colo. -- Douglas County Sheriff's deputies seized four cell phones from students at Chaparral High School in Parker Tuesday as part of an investigation into sexting allegations.

The school's resource officer received a tip about the alleged sexting, which involves sending or receiving nude or sexually explicit images or texts.

“The search warrant resulted in securing four cell phones that were allegedly involved in receiving and/or transmitting pictures of a student,” said Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Gregory Howden. “The Sheriff’s Office goal was to protect the victim by stopping the pictures from going viral.”

Howden said no arrests have been made.

Parents and students were shocked by the development.

"I don't have any friends who (sext), but I've heard it's a problem," says Chaparral High School student Cole Hunter. "A police officer told us not to do it because we could be arrested."

"I think it's really sad this is going on with our kids," says Sherri Hartman, whose daughter is a freshman at the school.

"I'm just shocked," says Isabel Von Hagel, whose grandson attends Chaparral High. "This is the first time I've heard of it."

According to Chaparral sophomore Lincoln Ward, "it's such a part of the high school culture, like the whole obsessing over the sex thing."

A sheriff's office representative says the main focus of their investigation is to prevent any images from getting a "worldwide audience on the Internet."