Haney ends Congressional campaign after GOP complaint

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE — Dr. Perry Haney abruptly pulled the plug on his congressional campaign Wednesday, less than 24 hours after the Colorado Republican Party filed a formal complaint against Haney’s campaign over a possible campaign finance violation.

The decision leaves state Rep. Joe Miklosi of Denver as the only Democratic candidate looking to challenge Congressman Mike Coffman, R-Centennial, for his re-drawn 6th District seat.

Haney, who was looking to force a primary with Miklosi when he entered the race late last year, was an unknown commodity politically, but able to fund much of his campaign himself.

In a note to supporters, Haney claims that the GOP complaint had nothing to do with his decision to quit the race.

“Unfortunately, my medical clinic that employs 45 people and treats many patients from the 6th District is not at a point where it can sustain operations with my full-time absence,” Haney wrote. “It is not what I anticipated, but I cannot in good conscience risk my colleagues’ and staff employment and healthcare benefits while I pursue a run for Congress.

“While I have no doubt that I could have ran a great race and changed the tone in Washington, the cost to my employees would have been too great.  The Democratic Party needs a full time candidate and that I cannot be.  Nor do we need the cost and rancor of a divisive primary when we all know that our top priority must be to defeat Rep. Mike Coffman.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, not sold on Miklosi’s ability to raise money to compete with Coffman, has tried — unsuccessfully — to lure other Democratic challengers, including former statehouse Speaker Andrew Romanoff, state Senate President Brandon Shaffer and Senate Majority Leader John Morse, into the race.

After Shaffer’s decision earlier this month to run against Congressman Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, for his 4th District seat, the DCCC started to take a look at Haney.

It’s unclear whether that may have prompted Republicans to file their complaint, or if Haney’s abrupt decision was influenced by the DCCC and its possible conclusion that Miklosi is a more viable candidate to challenge Coffman.

Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call issued his own statement Wednesday night blasting both Haney and Miklosi.

“Perry Haney apparently thought the rules didn’t apply to him,” said Call. “But he saw the writing on the wall as his failed campaign quickly began to unravel. Coloradans don’t need another Democrat politician who thinks he’s above the law.

“Now Democrats are stuck with Denver Democrat Joe Miklosi who has supported billions in new tax increases throughout his tenure in the Colorado legislature.”