Doctors warn new mothers not to purchase breast milk online

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DENVER — Doctors say the benefits of breast milk are undeniable. It contains everything a baby needs to grow and thrive, and for some it is liquid gold.

Some nursing mothers are selling their extra breast milk through websites like

Colorado moms are posting ads and selling their milk for a dollar or two per ounce. That may seem tempting to moms who want the best for their babies, but can’t produce milk themselves.

However, Dr. Jeff Hanson with the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children says, think twice. “I guess I’d say, what are you crazy? In all honesty, this is your baby’s life. Take it serious,” Dr. Hanson said.

He says breast milk can transmit things like hepatitis or HIV, and it should be treated just like blood.

“I applaud these people for wanting to do what’s best in terms of using breast milk, but be certain of what you are using,” Dr. Hanson said.

He says families in need of breast milk should get it from the Mothers’ Milk Bank at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

In some cases it could cost more, but the milk and the mother are screened. The mother takes a blood test, and all of the milk is tested for bacteria, then pasteurized.

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