Bill to remove credit scores from hiring process moves forward

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DENVER — After a long hearing filled with emotional testimony,Democrats propelled a measure to prevent employers from considering a job applicant’s credit score in the hiring process through a Senate committee Monday night.

Senate Bill 3, after being amended, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a straight party-line vote, with all Republicans opposed to it — an indicator, perhaps, of the bill’s fate once it arrives in the GOP-controlled House.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, heralded the vote in favor of legislation that she believes will help the long-term unemployed finally re-enter the workplace.

“Credit scores were never intended to be used in hiring practices,” Carroll said. “Tying credit scores with employment opportunity creates a vicious circle that unfairly punishes struggling Coloradans.

“We should be doing everything in our power to get citizens back to work, and this legislation ensures that we are removing unnecessary punitive barriers and helping citizens get back on their feet.”

Carroll’s bill would prohibit employers from using credit report information unless it is directly related to the position for which a candidate is applying, such as a money or asset management role.

If the employer decides not to hire an individual based on information from their credit report, they must disclose this to the applicant.

Earlier Monday, FOX31 Denver spoke with Chris Hickey, the owner of “Code Blue Carpet Cleaning”, who believes the legislation would hurt his business just as it’s starting to grow.

“That’s the challenge with growing my business. I know I can’t be at every job. I need to trust who I am sending,” said Hickey, a former police officer.

FOX 31 Denver’s Greg Nieto contributed to this report.

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