Dog rescued from reservoir bites KUSA anchor on live TV

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DENVER — A dog that was rescued from an icy reservoir on Tuesday bit a KUSA Channel 9 news anchor in the face during a live TV broadcast Wednesday morning.

“There was an incident during 9NEWS today,” an entry on the TV station’s Facebook page said. “Kyle Dyer was bit in the face by a dog. She is getting medical attention due to the injury.”

Paramedics took Dyer from the TV station to Denver Health Medical Center.

The dog, an Argentine mastiff named Max, was accompanied by its owner, Michael Robinson, and the firefighter who rescued him for an in-studio interview Wednesday morning when the incident occurred.

Dyer leaned over toward the dog’s face when the animal’s demeanor suddenly changed and bit her on the face.

“So you may have seen Kyle get bit by the dog in the 7 a.m. hour. All we know for sure is that he got her on the lip, and she’s being treated for the injury at the hospital,” Kyle Dyer’s co-anchor Gary Shapiro wrote on his Facebook page. “We think she’s going to be OK, she was talking when she left.”

Max was being evaluated at the Denver Animal Shelter where he will be quarantined for 10 days to ensure he does not have rabies, the shelter’s director said.

“Kyle is currently in fair condition and is being evaluated by the trauma team,” Denver Health spokeswoman Julie Lonborg says. “She is awake and visiting with family who asked that we thank the community for their immediate outpouring of support.”

“Kyle is concerned about the viewers who may have been watching the interview and wants everyone to know she is okay.”

Robinson faces 3 citations for violating the leash law, a dog bite violation, and failure to vaccinate his pet.

On Tuesday, SkyFOX captured video of Max being rescued by West Metro firefighters from Smith Reservoir in Lakewood where he apparently fell through thin ice while chasing a coyote.

A firefighter wearing a wetsuit braved the icy water in order to pull the dog to safety.

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