Utah school bombing suspect visited Columbine principal

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LITTLETON, Colo. — Utah police say two teens charged with plotting to blow up their high school were obsessed with the Columbine massacre. One suspect even traveled to the Littleton high school last month to meet with the school’s principal.

Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis thought he was doing the right thing by helping what he thought was a high school student journalist researching how Columbine has healed over the years.

“He came in on Dec. 15 and asked me questions, mainly about how is the school doing at this point, what are you doing to help heal,” DeAngelis said.

DeAngelis says the teen never talked to any Columbine students, never walked the halls of the school, and never asked any questions about how the April 1999 attack that killed 13 people was carried out.

Still, the principal feels duped. The student who he welcomed into Columbine High School would soon be arrested in a violent plot.

Police say 18-year-old Dallin Morgan and another 16-year-old boy crafted a well thought out plan to detonate a bomb.

“The specific planning and process of getting ready to do a major event that would take lives at Roy High School was being prepared and planned,” said Roy Police Chief Greg Whinham.

Investigators say the pair went as far as obtaining knowledge of the school’s security systems and layout and even hatched an idea for a daring getaway by stealing an airplane.

“It was well thought out,” Whinham said. “The premise of fleeing from the school to a neighboring airport and stealing a plane … (doing) some pre-training on how to fly a plane and then leaving to escape. Those things were part of the plan.”

“When I received the phone call Wednesday, needless to say I was shocked,” DeAngelis said. “I had never experienced anything like that with any of the interviews or questions I answered prior to that.”

As for the Utah plot, police are crediti

ng a teenage girl for tipping off authorities that the students planned to blow up the school. DeAngelis says he will no longer talk to visitors about the Columbine massacre, unless they’ve been cleared by school security, calling the incident a “wake up call.”