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DA: 40 guns, 2,700 marijuana plants seized during raids

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BRIGHTON, Colo. — Prosecutors have released additional details about Thursday’s multi-jurisdictional raid on 25 alleged marijuana grow houses in the north metro area.

Agents seized 2,749 marijuana plants, 147 lbs. of dry marijuana, 40 guns, over $278,500 in U.S. currency and 15 million Iraqi dinars, the currency of Iraq, according to 17th Judicial District Attorney Don Quick and the North Metro Drug Task Force.

As part of ‘Operation Sweet Leaf,’ 16 people were arrested on charges including Racketeering and Conspiracy, distribution and possession of marijuana, and money laundering.

“Only one of the (25) grows houses produced two medical marijuana licenses for two individuals and they had 25 plants,” said District Attorney’s spokeswoman Krista Flannigan. “There were no arrests or seizures regarding that particular house. Evidence gathered during the investigation of the remaining 24 houses demonstrates that this was a criminal enterprise with a large part of the marijuana distribution of going out of state via the US Postal Service.”

Flannigan said seven children were in the homes during the raids and “significant” mold was found in some of the homes “posing health and environmental risk.”

Prosecutors say much of the marijuana was being shipped out of state.

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