2 Dougherty siblings plotted jailbreak

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DENVER — Two of three siblings arrested in southern Colorado after a nationwide crime spree plotted to escape from jail and nearly carried out their plan, according to documents released Friday.

Dylan Doughtery, 26, managed to escape from his cell in Walsenberg and passed a note to his sister, Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, who was being held in the female section of the jail, officials said.

During a Jan. 10 search, deputies found a homemade knife and letter to the FBI in Dylan’s cell, according to an arrest affidavit.

Deputies also discovered that a panel in Dougherty’s cell that allows access to the plumbing had been tampered with, as had the insulation just inside. A deputy followed the plumbing to the ceiling and discovered footprints leading to the female section of the jail, and a letter addressed to Lee Grace Dougherty.

Dylan Dougherty told his sister he planned to subdue the guards, steal their keys and escape with her.

The note stated that when the FBI received the letter, he would be long gone from the Huerfano County Jail and he would leave the tools he used to escape behind, authorities said.

“I have enjoyed staying here, so don’t take any of this personal,” investigators quote the note as saying.

Dylan, Lee Grace and Ryan Dougherty, 22, were arrested on Aug. 10, 2011 after a high speed chase and shootout on Interstate 25 near Walsenberg. They are also accused of robbing a bank in Georgia and firing shots at a police officer in Zephyrhills, Fla.

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