Atheist billboards turning heads in Denver

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DENVER — In the land of faith-heavy Tim Tebow, a group of non-believers is taking its message to the streets.

“God is an imaginary friend,” states two billboards erected Tuesday in Denver by the Colorado Coalition of Reason, an atheist group based in Boulder. “Choose reality, it will be better for all of us.”

The billboards are located on South Federal Blvd. and East Colfax.

“One of the reasons we put the billboard up is that we are concerned when religious people feel they have not only the right, but the obligation, to force their religious views on others,” the group says on its Web site. “Examples are proselytizing in the military, educational systems, and government. Another example is the attacks by religious people on gays, lesbians, and abortion providers.”

Some drivers, however, find the message offensive.

“It kind of steps on the idea of having the freedom of thought and not being pushy about it…not pushing your ideas on others,” said Karen Collins.