Colorado Rep. Lamborn to boycott State of the Union

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Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, was the only member of the Colorado congressional delegation to vote against the deal to re-open the government and raise the nation's borrowing limit.

DENVER — Congressman Doug Lamborn announced Monday he won’t be attending Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, who just learned last week that he’s facing a primary challenge from another Republican candidate, Robert Blaha, has decided not to attend the speech simply because he “does not support the policies of Barack Obama,” his office confirmed.

Last summer, Lamborn apologized to Obama after comparing his presidency and politics to a “tar baby”, a term many found racist, during a radio interview.

Lamborn’s office tells FOX31 Denver that he “respects the President personally, and the office of the President”, but “is doing this to send a clear message that he does not support the policies of Barack Obama, that they have hurt our country.”

Catherine Mortenson, Lamborn’s spokesman, said that Lamborn is specifically protesting Obama’s recent recess appointments, his rejection of the Keystone Pipeline and his “draconian” cuts to defense spending.

“Generally, Lamborn wants to send a strong, clear message that President Obama‚Äôs deficit spending cannot continue,” Mortenson said in a statement.

“Congressman Lamborn plans to watch the speech on television.”

Lamborn is the only known Republican to have announced that they won’t attend the State of the Union on Tuesday night.

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