Family recovering in Colorado after getting trapped in snow

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PUEBLO, Colo. -- David Higgins calls it a “Christmas Miracle” that his family was found alive.

David, his wife Yvonne, and their five-year-old daughter, Hannah, spent the holiday at a hospital in Pueblo, Colo. after being rescued from their snow-covered SUV in eastern New Mexico where they were trapped for nearly two days.

“We started moving forward a little bit, that's when the back end of the car slid to the right and off the road,” Higgins told reporters. “That's when we kind of looked at each other and realized we could be in serious trouble.”

The family was driving from their home in League City, Texas to go skiing in New Mexico when their vehicle got stuck in a blizzard on U.S Highway 412 just west of the Texas state line on Monday.

Before they knew it, they were buried under four feet of snow, and cell phone coverage was spotty until the storm passed.

David was eventually able to use his cell phone to contact his brother in Texas, who relayed the distress call to emergency crews.

They were dug out Wednesday and Yvonne was hospitalized for pneumonia.

“It was a Christmas miracle that they found us. Secondly, it's a Christmas miracle that they did find us and we're alive. Now, we need a third Christmas miracle for a speedy recovery for my wife,” said David.

Yvonne is expected to make a full recovery.